Sony VAIO Fit Multi-Flip Roadshow

Sony VAIO Fit Multi-Flip Roadshow

What does it actually mean to “flip” yourself over? Well, it all depends on your imagination and that is exactly what we wanted to tell people while demonstrating the new Sony VAIO – VAIO Fit Multi-Flip ultrabook, which can be tranformed into many different shapes. The idea was interconnected with a raffle with great prizes, which was carried out on an especially created by us website and advertised through Facebook ads.

Picture1Three promo stands were situated in three of the largest shopping centers in Sofia. There visitors could get information and see a demonstration of the new transformable VAIO Fit Multi-Flip laptop and the innovative VAIO Tap 11. They also were informed about the opportunity to have their picture taken with “flipped” over clothes at our stands in order to take part in a raffle to win 3 prizes.

From there on we let their imagination take control as to how exactly to “flip” themselves over. We took pictures of people wearing their jackets on backwards, doing handstands and many more interesting things. The opportunities for photos were limitless, as were the capabilities of the new laptop by Sony. By doing this, all visitors at the stands not only received information about the laptops but also had fun and this created great word-of-mouth traffic to the stands.

People from different ages took part in the raffle – teenagers to over 50-year olds. That way we managed to contact a big audience with the campaign and inform them about the Sony laptops. Furthermore, the fans we managed to generate on the Facebook page could be used as an easy-to-access audience for the future promo-activities by Sony.


  • 72 335 visitors at the Sony stands in the shopping centers;
  • 12 234 demonstrations of the new laptops;
  • 4933 unique visitors on the website, especially created for the game;
  • 3648 uploaded photos and registered users, who took part in the raffle;
  • 629 “Likes” on the Facebook page, created for the campaign;

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