Silan Experiential

Silan Experiential

The island of Fiji is situated in the southern part of the Pacific Ocean, just off the coast of Australia. Our partners at Henkel managed to bring the essence of this island to their new line of fabric softeners Silan Fiji Refresh and wanted us to to help bring the magical aroma to the people in Bulgaria.

Stara Zagora 3Shoppers at 24 different stores across Bulgaria had the chance to visit our own Fiji islands, which we manufactured especially for them. Our promoters, dressed in colourful gowns informed the shoppers about the new fragrances and offered the promo packages of Silan.

For less than a month our promotional teams visited the six largest cities in Bulgaria, bringing the exotic spirit of Fiji to everyone.


  • 786 sales of Silan Aroma Therapy products
  • 39% of people who were informed about the new aromas and the promo-package bought it
  • Activities in 6 of the largest cities in Bulgaria
  • 24 shops from large supermarket chains took part

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