Presenting the new Volvo Wheel Loaders

Presenting the new Volvo Wheel Loaders

Swedish automotive giants Volvo are among the leaders in the Bulgarian market when it comes to heavy machinery. Their Bulgarian representatives Sigma Bulgaria came to us for help when organizing the unvailing of the new Volvo wheel loaders EC18C, L50G, BL61B and BL71B. We helped organize an event in Bulgaria’s second largest city Plovdiv in the middle of June 2014.


Key sales representatives of the company were invited so they can test the new wheel loaders themselves and get aquainted with the qualities of the newest additions to the Volvo family. They received extensive information during a special presentation about the limitless possibilities of the new machinery. Afterwards, a special demonstration was held for them so they can see them in action. That is why we had to choose carefully our location for the event so that it could provide enough free space for the wheel loaders.

Our team organized special catering services for the guests after the demonstration. All visitors gave really high marks for the new models by Volvo and the way they were presented. Special guest-speaker for the event was a Volvo-representative, who arrived especially from France for the unvailing.



  • 110 key sales representatives were invited to the event;
  • Positive feedback from visitors for the organization of the event and the information received;
  • 4 of Volvo’s new wheel loaders were presented in a stunning fashion;


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