Nescafè 3 in 1 at On!Fest

Nescafè 3 in 1 at On!Fest

Three checkpoints, two people, one shopping cart and a lot of fun. That’s how our friends from Nescafè 3 in 1 took to the streets during the contemporary On!Fest, which took place in Sofia in the summer of 2013.


Over two days, hundreds of teenagers were racing around the site of the festival in a treasure hunt, searching for the three Nescafè girls. Each team consisted of two people – one sitting in the shopping cart and another one pushing it. Each of our promoters gave all teams who managed to find them a stick of one of three flavours – Nescafè 3 in 1 Classic, Nescafè 3 in 1 Cool and Nescafè 3 in 1 Strong. After collecting all three flavours, all participants received special prizes at the Nescafè promo-corner at the festival.

These memorable mechanics got Nescafè easily noticed at the festival. Apart from that, we created possitive emotions among the visitors and participants in the race. Passers were amazed by the races and came to the stand to receive more information about them.

Thanks to our mechanics, visitors at the festival not only got a taste of the great attractions, but also had the chance to get refreshed by the great Nescafè taste. That way they had enough energy to last the full two days of the festival.



  • 5 500 visitors at Nescafè’s stands over the two days;
  • 330 teenagers took part in the races;
  • 418 filled in a questionaire asking them how they use their smartphones;

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