Deutsche Leasing Party

Deutsche Leasing Party

Spring is the time of the year when every seed, which is nurtured with love and care, bears fruit. It was exactly then when Deutsche Leasing Bulgaria celebrated its 5th birthday with party, organised by our team. Special guests, as well as managers from Deutsche Leasing’s central office in Germany, corporate clients and partners of the company came to the event.

SONY DSCSpring was the theme for the whole party. Our invitations to the guests were potted violets, a symbol of the blossoming spring time. The event was scheduled to take place at the Rainbow Plaza because of its central location and the opportunity that the spacios hall gave our team to let loose its creativity.

We decorated the hall in greenish spring colours and installed real grass and flowers all around so that everyone would have the sense of freshness and beauty. Specially selected guest musicians, including Vyara Panteleeva, were hired to entertain the guests. A speaker and hostesses helped everyone feel the proper birthday atmosphere and enjoy the party to the fullest.

It was our pleasure to manage every detail of the event and become a part of this memorable for our partners from Deutsche Leasing occasion.


  • 350 special guests, including managers from Deutsche Leasing’s central office in Germany, came to the event
  • Branded event for corporate clients and partners of Deutsche Leasing
  • Eased communication during the party by providing a interpreter

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