Dacia Picnic 2012 (Koprinka reservoir)

Dacia Picnic 2012 (Koprinka reservoir)

The feeling of driving a SUV through rough terrain is probably one of the best for any driver. We gave this opportunity to the owners of Dacia cars when over 600 fans of the make took a break and had fun at Koprinka reservoir near the city of Kazanlak, where we organised a special picnic for them.

YAS_0069The event was addressed to both to the owners of Dacia cars, as well as their families. Our main goal was to create an emotional bond between the brand and its clients by organising a fun family weekend, spent in the comapny of their favourite car make.

For this reason we organised a number of family games in which young and old took part. There was a football tournament, a drawing contest and many more attractions for everyone to enjoy. Furthermore, all Dacia fans took part in a photo competition entitled “Picture with your family car”.

On top of all this, our team created a special track for a testdrive of the new Dacia Sandero StepWay. We did the planing and construction of the track and all the drivers who took part gave positive feedback for it.

As well as exceeding the expectations of our friends at Dacia Bulgaria, our good partners from Sony and Sonax also contributed to the event. Thanks to their sponsorship, we organised special games for all and managed to add an extra edge of fun in their weekend.


  • More than 600 people turned up at the event
  • We brought joy to 286 drivers by giving them a testdrive of the new Dacia Sandero StepWay
  • 237 enthusiast took part in the games which we organised

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