Coke&Food Experiential Sampling 2013

Coke&Food Experiential Sampling 2013

One month, 14 cities, 75 supermarkets, more than 227 000 families- those are the numbers from our last promotional campaign for our friends from Coca-Cola Bulgaria.

DSC06695During the initiative “Let’s eat together” our team was faced with the uneasy task of showing everyone that happiness lies within the shared moments with your family. We suggested how we can better these moments- by adding a bottle of Coke!

We managed to channel this message using different machanics- from organising games at especially built stands in the big supermarkets, leaving hangers on the doors of selected households, to gaining direct contact with people where they shop and where they live. Over 7 000 large bottles of Coke were given as a gift to people who took up the promotional offer of buying two bottles at selected shops. Over 15 000 people took part in the animations and games that were organised at the stands!

These numbers can only serve as a symbol of success- both for us and Coca-Cola. The fact that they chose our company for a third consecutive year for the initiative “Let’s eat together” also comes to show how satisfied the Bulgarian branch of one of the top three brands in the world was with the effor our team put in.


  • Our promoters visited 75 supermarkets across the country where they gave away more than 7500 large bottles of Coke to people who bought 2 in the store
  • Wa made over 100 000 contacts in store and another 150 000 door-to-door
  • We visited more than 227 000 families, making another 150 000 contacts
  • Our teams crafted and distributed 230 000 branded hangers
  • Together we became friends, had fun and brought smiles to the faces of thousands of people

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