Coca-Cola Connect 2014 “Say It With a Song”

Coca-Cola Connect 2014 “Say It With a Song”

In the summer of 2014, for a second censequtive year our team took part in the world famous “Share a Coke” campaign in Bulgaria. This time the slogan for the campaign from Coca-Cola was “Say It With a Song” and encouraged people to share their emotions with a part of the lyrics to their favourite song which would be sung at a specially created stege which toured the country.


During the campaign, our teams carried out 14 events in 11 different cities and seaside resorts, including the capital Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas as well as Kiten and Primorsko seaside resorts. More than 16 000 people visited the mini concerts organized by Coca-Cola and got the chance to share their emotions “with a song” and received a personalized can of Coke.

Aside from live performances by local star Raffi Boghossian and the band Funky Miracle, the guests at the events had fun with our Move machine. The machine was an Xbox console with the “Just dance” game and a Kinect connected where teenagers could show off their dancing skills. More than 2 500 teenagers took the dancefloor by storm before the concerts started. The machine was the focal point before the live performances, encouraging teenagers to move and dance and lead an active way of life.

Positive emotions all around, smiles and laughter were imminent at all of the concerts during our tour around Bulgaria. More than 90% of spectators were between 10 and 18 years of age, fitting into Coca-Cola’s target audience.



  • 14 cities in 11 different cities visiteb by a total of 16 500 people;
  • 10 000 info cards were handed out during the campaign;
  • 500 gifts were distributet at the events;
  • 2 500 teenagers danced at the move machine;

  • More than 1 100 unique Coke cans were created and distributed at the events;

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