Alpha moments 2012 (Triavna)

Alpha moments 2012 (Triavna)

What better way to surprise a photographer than to take him to one of the most beautiful cities in Bulgaria, equip him with the latest Sony camera and “make him” take photos for 3 days straight? That’s exactly how we organised the unvailing of the full-feature Alpha SLT-A99 camera, the NEX-6 and the NEX-5R cameras for our friends in Sony and their partners from

SONY DSCBetween the 19th and the 21st of October 2012 we took a selected group of Bulgarian photographers in wonderful Triavna where they got the chance to play around with the latest cameras, developed by Sony. A week beforehand, photographers Encho Naydenov and Delyan Markov were given the cameras and had a chance to test them out, before they present their observations to their colleagues during a especially organised workshop.

In order to best demonstrate the qualities of the cameras, we organised two photo competitions- one for the professionals and one for the journalists who came to report the event. The professionals had to capture the most emblematic scene from a fencing session, testing the speed and hybrid auto-focus of the camera, which allow perfect photos. The others had to capture the best image of the beautiful fall season. An organised trip to the nearby ethnographic complex Etar eased their task of finding the most memorable shot.

The winner in the professional competition received a 500 lev shopping vaucher for Sony products and the winner in the other competition received a new Sony camera.


  • Over 60 leading Bulgarian photographers attended the event
  • Photographers and journalist had the chance to test out the cameras beforehand
  • We unvailed the new Sony cameras in a unique way
  • We demonstrated their advantages in front of professional and novice photographers
  • We helped the people taking part in the two competitions by providing perfect scenery for their shots
  • Everyone received valuable information about the new Sony cameras straight from the professionals at the company

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