Coca-Cola Cup 2014

Coca-Cola Cup 2014

In 2014 for a third consequtive year Coca-Cola organized its traditional football tournament Coca-Cola Cup in Bulgaria. Promoting an active and healthy lifestyle, they turned to us for help in ogranizing the games and entertainment for the fans at the tournaments, which we called “The Fan’s Cup”, as well as the sampling of refreshments and logistics for the events!


For the first time ever the tournament visited 12 cities, lasting 2 days in Sofia because of the great interest. The final was held in Plovdiv, where our team was tasked to arrange everything around the building of the stadium in the city’s Central square.

Our team came up with 7 different games which gave 7 different stickers to each fan who took part in them. Upon completion of all 7 games, fans had the chance to enter a raffle with a chance to win great prizes – branded Coca-Cola footballs and bicycles. In addition, in the final tournament they also won longboards and action cameras. By doing this we promoted excercise and an active way of life not only to the pre-teens and teens taking part in the football tournament, but also for everyone who came to watch.

Some of the games included the classics hop-scotch and jump rope, but in a more modern version, as well as a giant slalom with big footballs, a sack race among others. During the tournaments, our teams gave out refreshing Coca-Cola cans to participants and all of them received prizes for taking part in the games.



  • 12 tournaments in 8 different cities in Bulgaria;
  • 49 582 cans of Coca-Cola and bottles of mineral water Bankya were given away during the tournaments;
  • 5180 people took part in the raffles to win prizes;
  • 210 prizes were given away in the raffle;
  • 4094 additional prizes were given away during the tournaments to participants;

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